Make a Date for Family Photography

There are countless books, songs, and movies about the swift passage of time and how it causes us to lose track of what matters most. Just think of the song “Cats in the Cradle” as an example – it talks about the stages of life passing so fast that our kids are suddenly grown, raising families of their own, and unable to pay many visits.

So, why allow this to happen when you can make a date for annual family photography sessions? Whether you are a family of two with some furry “kids” or a family of many generations, making a point for regular family photography shoots gives a gift to future (as well as current) generations.

However, there is more to it than just coming together and all saying “cheese” for the auto-timer. You want really good family photography in order to benefit the most from your efforts. How do you get the best photography? You already know the first step – making a point of gathering together for a session at least once each year.


Now, it could be something as simple as meeting at a studio, but it might be far more valuable to host a true family gathering or reunion. You can hire a photographer to wander about the group and then get that coveted “group shot” before anyone heads home.

To make sure that any and all family photography is the best possible, you also want to be sure you have selected an ideal setting. It can be someone’s home, a large event space, an intimate restaurant, or anywhere that allows for an accurate portrait of your family at the time.

What to wear?

You also want to consider what people are wearing. Some of the most memorable and appealing shots are when families wear specific color groups, or agree to wear garments that play a role in the overall result of the image. As an example, a family might compete for the ugliest sweater every year, and just consider how funny that photo might be! However, everyone might agree to wear pale or neutral colors to work well in a chosen setting, etc.

The point is to make the plans and make a date for family photography. You can get individual portraits along with a large group, you can enjoy just a small family session, or you can do this more than once each year. The most important thing is to get those images and get together!

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Valentine’s Photo Sessions Are for Everyone!

We think of Valentine’s Day as an official day for sweethearts and lovers around the globe, however, it is also a very family friendly day as well. After all, it is a day dedicated to love and who is more beloved than our kids, pets, spouses, family, and friends!

Though it is a day in which many adorable greeting cards are exchanged along with sweet treats such as candies and flowers, it is also an ideal day for Valentine’s photo sessions too.

Why not spend a bit of time and effort capturing the unique energy and creativity that surrounds this most romantic and loving day? There are some wonderfully inspiring galleries of Valentine’s sessions online and you might use them as a source for your own photography. However, you can always ensure the very best Valentine’s sessions simply by working with a reliable professional photographer.

Do they actually offer such things?

Absolutely! However, you will find that there are many differences between the results. This is why you should begin the process of selecting a professional photographer by creating or choosing your personal theme.

This is what we mean: You might have a toddler who is enjoying their first Valentine’s Day…does their chubby figure remind you of a Valentine’s Day icon…say a little winged fellow by the name of “Cupid”? Why not use that theme for the Valentine’s session and have the photographer work with you to capture the child as Cupid?

No kids yet? Maybe you want to give your sweetheart a romantic portrait of you as a gift? You can work with your photographer to create a sweet and sentimental image that will appeal to them year after year. For example, a woman in a red dress holding a heart, or a man in a red bow tie holding an oversized “kiss me” candy…these would be great ideas to use for Valentine’s sessions.

Maybe you want a family portrait that asks all of your friends and family members to be your Valentines? That too is a great theme.

Clearly, the list of ideas and options is almost endless. The first step is to decide just what that Valentine’s session will “say”, and to then locate a creative and enthusiastic photographer ready to work with you to capture that message. You might even create an annual tradition and do a Valentine’s session every year!


Are you planning pregnancy? Maternity Photographer UK

Capture the magic of the most sensual time in your life. Hold on to the priceless memories of pregnancy with photography that highlights the radiant beauty of expectant motherhood.

We know this is an intimate time for you and your comfort is our priority. Our maternity photographer is experienced and professional and will ensure your session is as enjoyable as can be. We will pamper your every need at our cozy studio or we can bring the studio to you.

We recommend having your photos taken between months 5 and 7 which is when your bump is already prominent and well defined but still far enough from the impending birth. Consider bringing a few clothing options and think about tight fitting dresses, draping pieces and boob tubes to show your beautiful belly in full glow.

Your Maternity Photographer UK – Mark Umbrella

An Introduction to Successful Bodybuilding Photography

It’s not enough to have muscles for a stunning bodybuilding photography. In fact, it needs almost none. What is essential when it comes to bodybuilding photography is mastering the light



Sometimes, when looking at all the glamorous people in magazines, we find our selves thinking we could never look like that. Even if we hit the gym twice a day. Then we think – these were shot and edited to perfection, they are professional models with teams of stylists working for them; That’s the life of the rich and famous; That’s not something I could ever do. Well, that’s where you would be wrong! The privilege of looking your best is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. With the right photographer you can look just as glamorous while keeping your unique beauty and charm.

We don’t mean editing and generic model looks. We mean photography that always sees your best side. Photography which brings out your best features. Photography which lets you be you, and makes you go “wow”.

“Is this my good side?”

Such a phrase is a common question posed by people having portrait photography done. But it is also something that must be asked by the subject of bodybuilding photography. After all, even the most toned or “cut” bodybuilder could fail to photograph well if they are not in the proper pose.

However, it is not really the responsibility of that individual to worry about the result of any bodybuilding photography session – it is the job of the photographer. This means that anyone who wants some bodybuilding photography done will have to take the skills of the photographer into question.

Now, that does not mean that the photographer has to have an enormous portfolio of bodybuilding work under their proverbial belt. In fact, this is the one type of photography in which there doesn’t necessarily need to be a history of work. What you want to look for in the portfolio is the photographer’s skill with texture, light, and things such as highlight and shadow.

Why? That is what the essence of any bodybuilding photography session is going to capture. Unlike more traditional portraiture, the photographer seeking to document a very muscular human form is going to have to emphasize something other than the face. They are documenting something similar to a landscape, or a textured surface. That means that a mastery of light is key.

Take this illustration: A photographer met a son’s friend. This friend was very lean, almost too lean, and yet the photographer thought that the young man might make a good subject for some studio shots. The photographer decided to shoot in black and white and to use very targeted lighting to emphasize the man’s muscularity. Though he was on the slender side, the lighting was able to draw out and define the man’s form with dramatic impact.

In essence, the photographer used their photographic skills along with very effective lighting to create a good bodybuilding shot. However, even that would not have worked if the subject did not assume an effective pose and have the appropriate amount of definition as well.

So, take a look at any photographer’s portfolio to see how they work with contours, contrast, and line. Have they captured animals with muscularity? Have they been able to document shadows and use light effectively? If so, they are probably going to get the good side of a bodybuilder as well.

Mark Umbrella